Hat for Hat

“Sam is an exemplary reminder of how giving back will never go out of style, no matter your age.”

CEO and founder of Wyatt’s Garage, 11-year-old Sam Wyatt Lenkov, attains an entrepreneurial spirit with a charitable twist through his company that provides pediatric oncology patients with a sanitary, comfortable Wyatt’s Garage hat for handmade, distressed hat with a vintage patch purchased by the public.


Sam launched his company in November of 2016, and has filled numerous orders since the website went live, with more coming each day. Smart devices and related gift cards are also purchased for and donated to the patients through the money Sam earns via neighborhood ice cream and lemonade sales, household chores, monies gifted to him by friends and family in lieu of birthday presents and donations made on the company website.


Every hat made by Wyatt’s Garage is carefully crafted, distressed by hand, and then adorned with a vintage patch. Each patch is unique and signifies Sam’s love for collecting, a hobby that originated when venturing out to local swap meets with his father, he discovered old worn-out collectible patches.

People browsing the Wyatt’s Garage website can select their preferred cap from a variety of colors and patches, including vintage car and motorcycle emblems and music icons.