There are three ways to donate!

Purchase a Wyatt’s Garage Donation Hat and Sam will donate it to a pediatric cancer center.

Purchase a custom Wyatt’s Garage Distressed Hat with Vintage Patch and we’ll donate a hat to a pediatric cancer center.

Donate any monetary amount and we’ll add it to the Wyatt’s Garage Smart Jar.


Every donation helps Wyatt’s Garage help a pediatric cancer patient.

“A few years ago, Sam and his family invented the Smart Jar – a large, glass jar which sits prominently on a countertop in their house and is used to collect funds to purchase smart devices for children in pediatric oncology units throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

This last birthday, in lieu of gifts, Sam invited his buddies to donate to his Smart Jar. On weekends, Sam and his family and  friends hold lemonade and ice cream sales in their local neighborhood, the proceeds of which are put in the Smart Jar. And then there’s Sam’s allowance… a portion of that too goes in the Smart Jar for chores he does around the house.

Sam  now invites you donate to his Smart Jar to help purchase smart devices for smart kids who are fighting with all their might to be healthy. Thank you for your consideration to help Sam help others.”

You can be a hero to a child with cancer. In addition to or in lieu of donating a special hat, Wyatt’s Garage accepts monetary donations for Sam’s Smart Jar. Your donation will go towards providing a child that is diagnosed and undergoing treatment for cancer or receiving chemotherapy a smart device.

To a child undergoing cancer treatments, it can be confusing, heartbreaking and scary. It is Sam’s hope, that a smart device will give that child some measure of comfort through entertainment and communication, to let them know they are not alone and that Wyatt’s Garage is beside them in every treatment and fight in the battle against cancer. 


For children with cancer, the loss of hair can be significant and traumatic — and for others, especially young children, this loss can be difficult to understand and frightening. For teenagers, hair loss can be downright devastating. In kids already coping with the physical and emotional effects of cancer, the added burden of worrying about their looks can add anxiety, embarrassment and lower self-esteem.

But you can help make a child feel more confident and comfortable with his or her appearance with a Wyatt’s Garage Donation Hat. There are two ways to ensure that a child diagnosed with cancer or undergoing cancer treatment will receive a hat.

1.  Purchase a custom Wyatt’s Garage Distressed Hat with Vintage Patch and Sam will donate a Wyatt’s Garage Donation Hat to a Pediatric Oncology Unit.


2.  Purchase a Wyatt’s Garage Donation Hat and Sam will donate the purchased hat to a Pediatric Cancer Facility.

Purchase a special Wyatt’s Garage Hat for donation to a pediatric care patient.

“We are a family run business. I am in school from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  If you have a question about hats or donations during this time, you can contact my mom and she will get back to you as quickly as possible.”

Sam Wyatt



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