“Every house, every structure, every life has been essentially destroyed in this area.”

Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund

Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund

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“To all of the people that have suffered because of Hurricane Dorian, my name is Sam Wyatt and I am the 13-year-old founder and CEO of Wyatt’s Garage. I made special “Bahamas” hats to raise money to help you and your families.” ⠀

Show your love and support for those affected by Hurricane Dorian by purchasing my handcrafted “Bahamas” hats. 100% of the price of the hat proceeds will go to a Bahamas Relief Fund. ⠀

If you can’t, or do not want to purchase a Wyatt’s Garage Bahamas Relief Fund Hat, any donation that you can spare, no matter how large or small is greatly appreciated.

Hurricane Dorian devastated Abaco Islands with catastrophic flooding, decimated homes and buildings, and those remaining here at the site of the devastation said the storm took away everything from them. The catastrophic Category 5 storm pummeled the islands with sustained winds of 185 mph, storm surges and torrential rain in a sustained two-day assault.

Please join Wyatt’s Garage in aiding the children and families of the Bahamas by donating to ensure they get immediate, critically needed essentials such as water, food, clothing, blankets, soap, toothpaste and other sanitary necessities.

“We are a family run business. I am in school from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  If you have a question about hats or donations during this time, you can contact my mom and she will get back to you as quickly as possible.”

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